Wedding Photography Tips


Five tips for the best wedding photos




Make sure you allow plenty of time for your hair and makeup artists. If your wedding schedule runs too far behind, it’s the photography that typically takes the hit.


Hire Wedding Professionals

Weddings are a special event and require an immense amount of coordination. Reduce stress by hiring wedding specialists. A hair stylist will know how to create the special look you want and make it last. Professional floral designers know the best flowers to suggest for the time of year. A professional DJ will keep your reception flowing. Most of all, a professional wedding coordinator can streamline wedding planning and make your experience even more delightful.


Add uplighting, string lights

Light will make your wedding and reception more extraordinary. Extra light in the background adds a tremendous vibe and ambience to your photos.


Cell phone–free celebration

Have the officiant ask your guests to put their phones away so they can enjoy your ceremony and celebration with their eyes and hearts. This will make a big difference in your photos. You will see the expressions of your guests enjoying themselves, not phones over their faces.


Consider a sneak peek

Prior to the ceremony, Amy will set up in a gorgeous location at your site, where you will see each other in your wedding attire for the first time. There is nothing to compare to these photos, an intimate opportunity to pause, take a deep breath, and soak each other in. The bonus? You’ll end up with even more photos of just the two of you. Take advantage of it!